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Our CEO Robin introduces the JobShop: the dynamic, intelligent and interactive career area!

We want to put people in the perfect jobs for them - that is our mission as talentsconnect. We focus on the job, the working environment and adapt logics from e-commerce to make recruiting easier and more efficient for companies and applicants. We focus on the national as well as the international market.

Recruiting is no longer the only thing. Mark presents you our unique CareerShop.

Recruiting is no longer the only thing. Mark presents you our unique CareerShop.

The current market situation is becoming increasingly condensed. Companies must therefore take a different perspective. It's no longer just about attracting the best talent, but even more about retaining your own colleagues. We have the solution.

Our Benefits

"Build the best Home for our own Talents!" is how we live at talentsconnect. One topic in particular is in focus. It is not only the goal of our benefits, it is our Northstar - flexibility!

Remote & hybrid are our standard

Since 2020 at the latest, we have given all employees complete freedom to decide where they want to work from. We have come to love this new flexibility and want to consciously develop our culture as a hybrid model. It is possible to work from abroad for up to 3 months at a time and a total of 6 months per year.

We offer flexible working time models

We want to enable our team members to remain an active part of talentsconnect as life evolves around them. We are open to full-time, part-time or other flexible work schedules. You decide your working hours per quarter.

Continuing education and development are constant companions

We try to improve every day. Of course, this includes personal development. All colleagues evaluate their development steps together with their leads in Development and quarterly Check-In Talks. We are open to any further education and accompany you every day to take responsibility.

Insurance package

We would also like to support our colleagues outside their active working hours. With the "talentsconnect pension" we promote the build-up of an additional pension plan with an employer contribution of 30%. We have also taken out additional accident insurance for our employees to ensure we are well covered should the worst happen.

Virtual shares (VSOP program)

Our company allocates variable compensation in virtual shares (VSOP). This means that we offer all team members the opportunity to participate in the long-term success of the company in a similar way to shareholders. Once a year, a flexible decision can be made as to whether the shares will be held or exchanged for cash on the internal marketplace.

PGR - People Growth Review

Special achievements are valued at our company. Every year, colleagues with exceptional performance can be nominated to become part of our PGR program. They gain access to the exclusive network of our Board Members and receive special support over a period of 12 months to take their next career step.

Mental Health Coaching - Performing under pressure

The mental health of our colleagues is very important to us. Our mental coach Boris regularly shows us how to perform better under pressure (during presentations, general stress, private challenges, etc.) through breathing and relaxation exercises.

Find your perfect job! Now and over and over again.

Our vision is that there is a perfect job for everyone and that we will help you find it with our technology. Of course, we also measure ourselves against this claim, here and now for you.

What is important to us? 
We set ourselves the biggest possible goals. That's our DNA. We want to grow beyond ourselves, every day. Add to that a high level of personal appreciation. Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or an expert - we expect responsibility and, closely related to this, the courage to make mistakes and learn from them. We help each other through openness and clear feedback in order to become better together.

Your recruiting process

4. Contract signing

*please note that the process may differ in exceptional cases.
*of course the perfect scenario is shown here. Each step will be evaluated individually and only after a positive outcome will the process continue

1. Apply online
2. Videointerview & TC Insights Hour
3. Technical interview
4. Contract signing

Which team would you like to join?

Focus is important to us. That's why we've decided to organize ourselves into horizontal teams. No matter where you start, you can always move to another team, depending on where your expertise is most needed and where your interest lies.


Our squad is made up of real sales rockets with the drive to take their clients' digital recruiting to the next level. In joint strategy workshops, we identify the greatest potentials of our customers' hiring performance and find out how we can best leverage them. The urge to bring our data-based know-how into the HR world and to inspire new customers with the talentsconnect JobShop is the basis of our daily work. Customers reward our strong arguments with term contracts of ø 24 months.

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We stand for diversity!

We stand for diversity!

We are not only international, we also help our customers internationally. Open up new markets? Cultural adjustments and different recruiting processes? We are there.

Our team is made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and experiences, who together create an inspiring working atmosphere. We firmly believe that the diversity of our colleagues is our strength and makes us a unique company.

Our doors are wide open to talent from all over the world. For us, internationalization is more than just a concept - it is a living reality. With colleagues from around 15 different countries and cultural backgrounds, we bring a wide range of ideas and perspectives that inspire our innovations and approaches to solutions. Even though our central location is in Cologne, we work together to create a hybrid environment in which everyone is valued and has the opportunity to develop their full potential.

We encourage open communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration across any boundaries. Because we are convinced that real innovation can only come about when different ways of thinking meet and complement each other. We communicate in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable. Appointments with us take place in both German and English.

As talentsconnect, we are proud that diversity and "work from abroad" are lived here. Together we create a colorful, dynamic and respectful work environment where every individual counts. We look forward to welcoming you and achieving great things together.

How to build a 10 Million € Culture

We as colleagues have been sharing experiences about the development of our organization since day 1. One thing is very clear to us, skills are replaceable, personality is not.

Homecoming Friday from anywhere!

Once a month, we get together with the entire team, share company-wide updates, and show what topics the teams are currently working on. Whether in the office or virtually from around the world - we don't miss out on the fun.

WE are talentsconnect!

What our colleagues say about their time at talentsconnect

"I decided to join talentsconnect because I really wanted to change my job in the lab for something I enjoy and where I can be in contact with people. I'm incredibly grateful that I'm now getting the chance to do what I like to do as a profession. During onboarding, I was not left alone and was optimally prepared to achieve my ambitious goals in the future. I am allowed to learn an incredible amount every day here and have had a lot of customer contact right from the start. I was able to make my first calls with potential clients in my 3rd week! I feel super comfortable at talentsconnect and am very happy to be part of the growing team!"

"I started as an intern at talentsconnect in the summer of 2019 and was immediately convinced! From the team to the way of working to the open and transparent communication, I found everything here to get a great start in professional life. However, it is not only the team and the great team spirit that are convincing, but above all the product behind which we stand and which we are constantly developing!"

"Talentsconnect has provided me with the exciting opportunity to design the JobShop product from scratch. It’s motivating to be responsible for the entire design process – from research to creating new concepts, designing the interface, conducting user interviews, and testing and iterating. Collaborating closely with the developers and product owners has been a smooth and invaluable experience. I also greatly appreciate that talentsconnect encourages growth and provides opportunities to develop oneself professionally!"

"I have been with talentsconnect for a few years now and started right after my studies. In addition to the opportunity to incorporate my own ideas right from the start, I was particularly impressed by the team, which stands behind me at all times and is always up for a bit of fun."

Learn more about our organizational structure

We do not think in hierarchies or departments. We organize ourselves in agile teams. We place particular value on a team being able to work internally on a topic in a focused manner and connecting externally with the other teams in such a way that all necessary information flows. To ensure this, we have defined three focus areas:

Strategy focus

Strategy focus

The Board is the starting point for the vision, the derivation of the strategy and the translation to the teams. Thus, the board has a strong interface function between our shareholders, the supervisory board, the colleagues, our partners and the customers.

Customer focus

The Revenue Tribe is responsible for everything related to the customer base. Starting with the initial contact with potential new companies, providing our product, supporting the companies in using our feature, as well as sharing experiences with and between the customers, and passing on the knowledge from the contacts to our Product Tribe.

Customer focus
Product focus

Product focus

The Product Tribe is responsible for the ongoing development of our product for customers, for the operation of the product and for the innovation behind complete releases, individual features and small improvements.

Our Events

Direct to Talent Festival

In September last year, we simply dared to organize our own festival with almost 300 guests in our office. The lineup was great, the atmosphere perfect and the topics Recruiting & Retention were focused in panels, masterclasses and keynotes. This year, on 12 + 13.09. we will open the doors again.

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RC23 Festival Sponsoring

For the first time we were allowed to appear as main sponsor at the RC23. It was an honor and a huge pleasure for us to rock the stage at such a great event in Berlin.

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Direct to Talent Executive Retreat

From our point of view, "Network is Key". This is why our Executive Retreat was recently created. We focus on HR strategies and develop recommendations for action for each company with executives from the HR industry. The first session was attended by representatives from BabyOne, Ratepay, Procter & Gamble, HR Pepper, and many more.

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We rock the stages with our customers!

For us, customers are more than just their product vision. We always keep in close touch, use synergies, learn from each other and talk about what we can create together. All of this on Germany'sünhen, as can be seen here in the example of OBI.

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Direct to Talent Festival
RC23 Festival Sponsoring
Direct to Talent Executive Retreat
We rock the stages with our customers!

Our partnerships

For us, healthy growth includes not losing focus. For this reason, we are constantly on the lookout for potential cooperation partners. The important thing here is that we maintain a trusting partnership and benefit from each other on both sides.




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